Rebekah offers a unique range of Ready-To-Wear and Bespoke hats and headpieces. Rebekah can make copies of historic pieces, restore pre-loved designs and provide information on how to best wear your hat for comfort and impact. 

Contact Rebekah to discuss your occasion. 


Purchase of your hat or headpiece can be made direct from stockist, through an event or website enquiry. 


Payment will be made through a secure gateway .... details to come. 


Ready to wear: 3 weeks (standard shipping)

Bespoke: 4 - 6 weeks (standard shipping)


Wearing a Hat

All hats are made with a brown elastic fastener that sits behind the ears and around the base of the hairline. Available in white on request. All hat sizes are medium, 22.5 inches and can be sat on the side of the head or on a bun style. This is a great way of giving the hat more elevation and revealing the neck.

Care and Maintenance

All hats are to be stored in the hat box provided, unless securely on display, and away from dust and moisture.

Felts can be given a new lease of life with half second of stream direct on the area needing attention, or brushed with a soft brush.

Silk roses can be given a remodel if damaged with this same method, roll the petal in your thumb and first finger individually and each petal should spring back to life. 


Coming soon.